To the audience his facial expressions would suggest a mood,
a shape, a movement particular to some bird, a color.

The tombstone, a triangular white pillar, was inscribed with
his name and an invitation, which had been accepted, to graffiti
the three flat surfaces.

A system of counting where each person is represented by one

"In the garden you will notice Island of Crane and Island of
Toad--no, Turtle!"

tozan--mountain climbing
hanami--cherry blossom viewing hiking
momijigari--maple mountain hiking
tsutsujigari--azalea viewing hiking

I can eat Japanese style meals.  I would like to eat some local
dish.  I can eat anything.  Yes, I can eat it.  No, I cannot eat it.

The construction workers balancing their boxes of lunch on
the roof beam wear identical khaki, short-sleeved uniforms,
white gloves, and black, cloven boots. 

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