in shadows with a gesture of content
see there it is (there)
permitted us this faculty
                             (the world)
verdigris its avatar, a stark line drawn down body center, 	
					  	searching out
august omens; de bon augure, auspicious; de
mauvais augure; ominous         elbow others out of the way     
					      	I Ching, etc.
expiration       COMET tumble-down; to disarrange
tyrannies of never night
bites on glands
would surely be lost
as a leaf in meteoric stone
or a caged gong
in a Rosicrucian vault::::

Departing to the South
my friend had warned, so scared of time,
to keep our metaphysics warm
across my wrist          western blossomings   
center into a sneaking Nilish reckoning
against our common runic will

but the stranger stays 
giggling, staring into slots
(Wouldn't you?)
drums & dances        kill paradise fucked
within it
share it
"love takes time"
partners rather quickly 
soft black
to here
suspense kept sawing so
nature is
all, not
the code you 
still falls
finds its ruptured cage congenial

her husband
a prisoner
their eyes so similar
the doctor could not stand to see 
in his 3-D 
weather leather angel
golden hair 
fetch the acres in
or dip the sheets in which they lie
in pitch 
a ball of fine feathers
on a wire
about their reunion
or this winter's tender pill.

To a distant candle
garden proud of weed
red shadows
teeth provoked
in a hut the color of the rain
found silence
seen the same
twist of pine, pain
so shift the terms 
(wouldn't you?)
the back of a rush-bottomed chair
was eloquent 
until I spun away

don't blink it away
curve of the letter U
love under will
yours to my need
print our name.  now
another one  
find 3 principles
cried the dead
love of loved
like an angel, humus
hadening off
arched & slim
hardly speaking
awash in Aurum Potable        resume 
nightmare stuff

nothern bowels
first matter
connection of Fools 
tricks of custom 
on which to suspend
the lungs.

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