3. For a Mancunian before Her Thirtieth Birthday

Sunny England, so full of other surprises -- unjaded
      passions for food, wine, and even the bleakly
      ambivalent writings of Paris;
And its north so steadfast in refusing to be voided by the
      withdrawing tide of economic "readjustment"; and 
      unparked Manchester
So meekly robust, with its teetering council houses, its 
      unbusily bustling center, to me the trove of rejoicing
      for my unhoped-for new friends
And after the fond jokes, you at the last, met that once
      only, never forgotten, a completeness of beauty,
      candor, and warmth:
Now, on its digitally coded pin, a hinge evolves and swings
      an imagined gate like an effulgent, bellying jib
Away, disjoining what is past, disclosing worlds to start
      vigilantly back through towards a consummation of what
      is always, of what was always you.   

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