Heavenly Ford Road Anecdote

Rainy, chill, black & gray
Almost depressing day, day
To walk around, not work
Hands in my pockets looking
Down at my feet, maybe no
Me in me today, not dancing
& loss of face notwithstanding
I saw this young girl grinning
At me on Tianjin Road & so
Grinned back, but the more
I grinned the more grim her
Face turned, an energy flow
According to the laws of
Thermodynamics, taking the
Grin off of her like a bore
Takes the energy off you
Into himself, is this what 
They mean, what happened
To her when I grinned, by
Losing face? but it was me
That lost face by taking on her
Grin, Tianjin Road in that
Place is narrow, the wet
Pavement's black, uneven

The East Village Poetry Web
Simon Schuchat