<The curtain rises. Nikuko and American boy on stage.>

Nikuko speaks (kabuki voice throughout):

"I, Nikuko, do beg you to sew my eyes shut!
Oh, I have not seen so much horror in world!
But, I, Nikuko, want to experience total bliss!
I want to do one-man sumo with fearsome opponents!
I will fight me in blackness of invisible enemies!
I will fight police throwing me in filthy cell!
Do you like elimination of "a" "the" articles now such?
Do wrap me in kimono-cloth, strangle in transparent tape!
I will know ecstasy! Then I will bring "you" ecstasy!
I will make "you" verb in my vagina! 
Do you like forbidden pleasure? Jewel-Lotus-Magatama-Pleasure?
You will have rope through labia to pull my deep joy-suffering!
You will have me, do you like Oriental face?
Deep cast of eyes wide open for your english-teaching insert!
Where you are from, they have automobiles! I so like to drive!
Oh deep American boy, I will make you drive in my vagina!
I do like overdrive-gear-shift-nitro-burn as well!
I will do one-man sumo with fearsome opportunities!"

<Gas floods the stage; American boy dies, vomiting. Nikuko staggers
to her feet, takes off her mask. She is a woman of thirty-five. She
is carrying a dagger. She turns and faces the audience. She screams
"MU!" The curtain falls.>

The East Village Poetry Web
Alan Myouka Sondheim