Funny Business
A Special Edition of The East Village

Tim Davis

Day of the Electorate of Lead

The president is as a hint of lily from the toilet seat. Topsoil posturing
It's full of worms. The great ship So-So sank mid-soldier-joke at a
Bratwurstfest of Poconoan undecideds. Here we stay again; paperclipping a
Something-About-Mary-paternalism to a comforting familiar abstract pattern
made of dewclaws and babyfat and foreskins. Recent reports indicate you
can lead a horse's lawyers. The jury will think it's been drinking, when
(as things come down the wire) a dry county on the leg of a fly in another
universe. Wake up and swell the rolls. Aucun idee of liberty but "keep on
truckin" since the fuzzy dice, being dotless, can't exactly crap. I bought a plot
for my hope at Eternal Springs, just in case. Where vote and love almost
overflow. Of course you can't find a rental without an automatic tranny. The goal
is to give up shifting. Let the process salt the toss-up mush. Porgy for
Secretary of fly bait waste. I got my man. 

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