Funny Business
A Special Edition of The East Village

Mark DuCharme

Content Aimer

To wander in tremolo comp lit dizziness
Is just one way of guiding product to the pinkies
Where liplessness dazzles, but there must be more
To this shelflife than minor
Aerobic grinding, ipso facto
Let's do lunch, swell or giggle
At the piano-or-juice-bar,
Roiling at a petty
Content blip
To aim the retainers at baddies
For whom the thinking of adults goes un-
Reported (retorted)
Left of a Superior Convenience jag
Under taut noon like an unspeakable sermonic
Container, just checking
On the nip & tuck
I'll rent an icon for your jiggle
Until fetchedness goes the way of the searing dido

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