Funny Business
A Special Edition of The East Village

Robert Fitterman

Some people call me the bloated de-craft
Some call me the clamor canned congress'
Collar snorkel cause I'm right here at home
You're the cutest aplharetical smirk-
Off following a post-NAFTA-noon nap
Come on hex nut and show a little alps
Cause I'm a gentle mettle I'm a Dodge
Cadaver dig this mixed up plumbing I'm
Creamed corn to academe playing my dobro
In the sun lovey dovey lovey C-
Span really love your peaches want to shake
Your pseudopod some people call me the
Brand name Mourice cause I'm a hush hush sam-
Ovar I sure don't want to hurt no one

(The Joker The Steve Miller Band w/ Tim Davis)

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