Funny Business
A Special Edition of The East Village

Kristin Prevallet

Hurricane Floyd: Thanks for spinning all the trash outside my window. Thanks
for cleaning the windows. For stirring up infected mosquitoes, and for washing
away all the pesticides used to kill the infected mosquitoes. The streets are
quiet without you. Hurricane Floyd.

Uncle Bud: Thanks for the sheets, or was it for the money. Thanks for socking
me in the arm, and for mispronouncing Chablis. Thank you for roses, but
specifically for rose tattoos. Thanks for winter. Uncle Bud.

Banshee: Thanks for the uproar, for the overthrow. Thanks for the puke, for all
the great graffiti. The socks were really great, and thanks for the loot. The
TV gets 500 channels! Thanks for that. The rock kit makes great arrowheads.

Mr. McCarthy: Thanks for the lobster. I'd never eaten a crab without a shell. I
loved it! Thanks for the view, and for the sea. I saw it at 4am and it was
wild, like a dream. Thanks for the Guinness, and the code name "Verona." Use it
with discretion. Mr. McCarthy.

Dr. Salvadio. Thanks for the advice, but it was too late. He's dead. If you had
told us his liver was chicken, he'd still be with us. I should sue you, but I
know you're a family man. I'll let it go. But keep on your side of the road.
Until the next life. Dr. Salvadio.

Andre Breton: So you're a surrealist. Oh, and thanks for the dream imagery. I
use it all the time. In my dreams, I see surrealism. I don't know what I would
have done without you! Thanks so much. I especially love flying, it is really
fun. Andre Breton.

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