Funny Business
A Special Edition of The East Village

Laura Wright

The news read tonight by Pinocchio

you get what you get:  it's the little things
like bacteria in the water detailed studies of slime
a report from the front:  there was disdain for their ho-ho-ho and snotty

if you win the award is breasts if you're a girl
you don't have any lines but you could scream a little from time to time
(in my play someone always gets killed)

not to disparage your infancy  hey
you still are a beautiful baby
but your clothes don't fit you anymore

put your leg over your head and attend to the difficulties of sleep
grammar creates criminals detailed studies of slime you can learn about bugs
	on television
studies say "no one" is having "enough sex"

it's the little things:  a tilt of the shoulder can change your direction
but I would not be separate from my limbs
just look what the flying machine has already done for us

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