Shit Harry, you died

and suddenly
there's nine years of corny jokes
i'll never catch up on

and pain
probably more pain than i'd
want to forgetif i knew
the ultimate painkiller signals
and you're carried off the field
won't be rebroadcasting
your fears next season harry
Doctor Dee will be darkening other doorways
visiting other lame comedians

Once, you were as bad as your jokes,
you stood up when the world
was changing a nd you helped it change
hope you knew i was proud of you

now you've left this aching plane
you and change have become an identity
become twelve million particles
of love and struggle
timelessness finally teaching
and old dog's bits new tricks
(interstellar space travel maybe
or oxidation, the sure-fire way
to a slimmer waistline)

see you in hell old dog
save me some salsa calliente y mucho tequila
you loved your daughters too much
and so did i once

The East Village Poetry Web
Billy Little