The convulsive incision			tore light
from matter, image		from similitude, black vowels
croaked and flew		from the four-lettered name of God.
In diffuse nebulae,			non-luminous metals shined
in their planets.		The thirty intentions of the shadows
condensed below a brightness			the multitude
of species emitted, and Ras Algethi		glared in Hercules.
So the light came		to contain numbers
and the first		was intoxication
and Giotto was intoxicated		painting Scrovegni,
1306.			Out in the fields -- wheat,
cockleburs, jimson --	a farmer stood up his hoe
and when that hoe was standing		on its own shadow,
he knew, and he was certain		that he knew.

The East Village Poetry Web
Forrest Gander