Contributors' Info

Jim Andrews curates Vispo, a Web resource dedicated to language and image. He lives in Seattle.

Cooper Esteban's poems have appeared in The Quarterly, Chelsea, elimae, and 5_Trope.

Forrest Gander's "The Fine-Structure Constant" featured here has been revised since its publication in Science & Steepleflower (New Directions, 1998).

A native of Seoul, Young Sook Hong is now living in New York.

Joh Huffman's cibachromes are available through the Art in Context Center for Communications.

Coral Hull was born in Paddington, New South Wales. She is a member of The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria.

Claire Jervert has had recent exhibits at White Columns and Trans Hudson Gallery, New York.

Work by Vincent Katz appears in Pearl, a collaboration with the artist Tabboo, published by powerHouse Books.

Tadashi Kondo is a visiting scholar at Harvard.

John Lancia operates "robodesign" in Pittsburgh.

This past spring Matt Levy, now a first-year student at Emerson College, Boston, won the national poetry slam.

Editor of Combo, Michael Magee is a doctoral candidate at Penn. He lives in Rhode Island.

Shelia Murphy resides in Phoenix.

A book-length collection of Charles North's poems is due soon from Sun and Moon. His "Poem Ending with a Line by Michelangelo" first appeared in re: Chapbook #2 from "reference: press."

Alice Notley edits Gare du Nord based in Paris.

Susan Rothenberg exhibits at Sperone Westwater, New York. Images here courtesy of "".

Based in New York, Hirokai Sato is compiling an anthology of women poets of Japan from ancient to modern times. His translation here also appears in Mr. Knife, Miss Fork.

Charley Shively teaches at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. "Stonelicks" is a group of poems about his boyhood in Ohio.

Brian Kim Stefans edits Arras 4.

Lombard Freid Fine Arts, New York represents Maciej Toporowicz. The photographs here portray Thai bar girls; the logo superimposed on the images is derived from the biohazard sign.

New poetry from Tony Towle will appear in Shiny this November.

Paul Violi's work here is from a collection, "Hazards of Imagery," some of which will be published in Fracas from Hanging Loose Press.

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