used part workshop
atelier liberty burnt
hole undershirt hair

	rivets duct bolt
	slips rubber hose
	steel red toolbox
	heating welding tools
	told what metals mix
	watching out for blind
	driver's warning lights

Colrain Avenue school
construction Crosby Field
corporations pursue

	solitary gallon
	beer drawn tap
	screwdriver clips
	lost part bins
	racing form torn
	worn wallet warm
	even ending dowel

Harvard mathematics working 
odds without chances leaking
one hundred old refrigerator

	freon greasy 
	cap fingernail 
	oil emery stone
	wide tooth saw
	tree trunk bench
	sparks grime hole
	cut socket wrench

niece reaches into
bomb dropping cast
navies of unemployed

	engine block rust
	thirty-seven Dodge
	bought brand new 
	born horns hung
	spiked lime wall
	caulking crevices
	scrape getting by
	hot iron stove pipes

Shooting utility pole
insulators is illegal
and very dangerous

	run on along
	rough hands
	smooth handles
	slipping into
	wooden wicker
	orange paradise
	left-handed daddy

The East Village Poetry Web
Charley Shively