"Of course
grass does
	flower" --Amy Clapett
	pedicael dry
	rachis breezes
	branch glances
	peduncle open mouth
	hot sun portico porch
		one sided
		two rowed spike
					apex blade
		one reaches another carpet
		stumbling turf web walking
		roots finding wells below
		cellars shared joined spurs
		treaded threads join woven
		thatch shadow spreading in
		willow building showers up
		against shadow pavements
		circling waiting extending
		amber august lime tinted
		maybe ponds pools patches
		quilt stitched needle eyes
		miss moss no stone un-
		turned toward untrodden
gather dust
pollen floated
silver drifting
	leaves cut
	their many horns
	blowing waves straw
		culms with antlers running along
		brome with glabrous lemmas
		awn tufted erect softly hairy
		or nearly smooth membranous
		lacerated edges lateral teeth
		shallow rooted blunt stiff with
		faint parallel nerves glistening
		golden or purplish band near
		tips diminutive wand-like

wrinkled circular shatter touch
rough canary red top numerous creeping
rhizomes pyramidal rather dense whorls
meadow caught glittering tickleweed wood
reed barleycorn fingered fringe feather
green foxtail soft slightly nodding near
tip bristles common cornfields and alfalfa
areas of disturbed soil stem pulled between
teeth picking up barnyard stalk pulp silk
smoking tube tall may produce an irritation
bitter qualities eating keeping goldenrod ripe
wheels in barefoot domestic medicine astringent

		burghers colonial
		merchant drivers
		cut them all down
		to size for games
		lawn mowers row
		upon row pouting
		about how not to
		eat these seeds scare
		crows chase away stray
		birds take their pick
		and plant them elsewhere

crab grass heroes tough sturdy
working class crass dandelions
aren't going to go away from anyone's
back door let in chased away or just
		saying every day
		makes its own hay.

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