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Alan writes: "I'm hunger!"

Me too.

So I just popped out to the local secret little sushi restaurant. TOO
expensive at night.  I imagine it becomes a kind of yakuza hang
out...but in the afternoon they have a set menu that'S a feast.....for
800 Y.  3-6-4 and a quarter days a Year.

I'm always fascinated by the strange and wonderful creatures that idle
their last few hours in the tank. A couple of Eels, a Sea Pineapple,
Scallop and Sazae (big Snails) sucking away at the glass. A lumbering
Red Snapper, a forlorn skulking Halibut...and those charming, flashing
little white fish that are de-flanked and left twitching on your
plate, all tails and eyeballs. Still wanting to give you a kiss.

Today the delivery guy brought in a Crab.........the master flopped
him down on the counter and slapped the guy around a little bit.

"He's not alive!........what are you trying to pull?"

As if to declare his worthiness, the crab draws in a leg and tries to
stand. "Ma, OK desu........" and he's dropped into the tank....whereby
the grotty eyed Snapper darts out of the way......no place to hide.

It'S enough to turn a vegan.......

But Sea Pineapple is the one food I won't eat.  What?....waste the

They saved for me the shell of the last Scallop they served up.  But I
had to be patient.....it was nearly a month before somebody forked out
the 10,000 Y.  Usually the shells go in the trash, along with the
chopsticks. Shells and sticks......hard to digest.

BTW I only once found I'd eaten the twitching little fishy (IT WAS
SHOCKING!).  Shivers like!  as I reached for the sashimi (my fav)
something in the presentation camouflage moved.....  I hadn't seen it
before.  BIG INNOCENT EYES .  True-ly revolted........about a year ago.
The Japanese friends at the table cackled.  OUCH.

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