Peter Ganick

from Agression

an attempt to parallel the invisible within some cosmoi
without deleting the summary of their exclusion...

Ingredients as parallel
as to emigrate
to talk within act
boundaries dare you comprehension
    as invisible science

Once premonitions go crash
ductile grievances thirsts
as appearances

Icon vocalizing mentors
not more those folding chairs
as if
and when props divulge
reports greet abstention

Minus an agreement
bleeding thrusts of handshakes
forced through hit and run

Achilles officially toxic
waits those why not to guard
retention as acting
in amounts another space

Teak fillets
broken hours
arcane or the informally traversed

Pleasing entrances to
the fearfully troubled diner
vocalized empires slice acts to
band up for luck handgrenades
called sire

The disorganized humidity of humans
relegated targetshooters to the
craved iguana
sleepy novices hasty as abrupt
tire at the succumbing
gravel streets
slime carpet getting ghosts
a retentive introductory possibility

Capture metal appointings
from car spools retraversed
arguments sleepy as visible

Grist minus the hands
of another grip

Poverty where nothing
then activity gravid
protem in the doctrine
slavish attention to fleck heated

Providers alerted to
tempi resurrective of context

The new art stimulus
    unresponsive pact
aporias deceptive as those amour
girdle around treatment bias
filter grommet domicile
as whether impatience is outward

from time immemorial
    they study brevity
amounting to a parallel firming