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Other works from several contributors to Volume Five are available in earlier volumes of The East Village Poetry Web.

Verse from Andrea Brady, Nada Gordon and Scott Watson can be accessed in Volume One. There are selections in Volume Two from Peter Ganick, Chong Lau, Chris Najewicz and Gary Sullivan. Volume Three features poems by Shelia Murphy, Brian Kim Stefans and Paul Violi.

Miekal And co-curates a Web-based "do-it-yourself culture" he calls "qazingulaza," as well as a hypermedia/permaculture rural community in Wisconsin named Dreamtime Village.

Popsters The Brilliant Green (Tomoko Kaware, vocals; Ryo Matsui, guitar; Shunsaku Okuda, bass) have just released "Sono Speed de."

Sean Cole writes for PBS in Boston.

Tokyo-based David 2 Divizio creates performance "mediations" with the help of a character recognition pocket computer and live video. Divizio divides his time between Canada and Japan.

The History of Rain, poems in English by Tomoyuki Iino, has been published by Groundwater Press, New York. Iino is co-translator into Japanese of Selected Poems of John Ashbery from Shichosha.

Hoa Nguyen's poems are from Dark, published by Mike and Dale Press, and Hood, due later this year. Nguyen lives in Austin.

Andrew Levy is an editor of Crayon and co-coordinates the Segue at Double Happiness reading series in New York.

A native of Australia, Web artist Annette Loudon's "Mixing Messages" was exhibited in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. She lives in San Francisco.

The Kihara Gallery, Tokyo represents Kenjiro Okazaki.

Work by Roxy Paine is part of The New School's permanent collection. Images here were photographed by John Berens, courtesy of Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York.

Author of Hate, a book of poems, Mark Salerno is based in LA where he edits Arshile.

M Sarki's verse has appeared in 5_Trope, Gotham Gonzo, and Other People's Clothes. Sarki lives in Kentucky.

Harris Schiff edits the tony New York zine $lavery, which he describes as a "mimeo rag" for the Internet.

Images by Toko Shinoda come from her recent exhibit at the Kamakura Gallery in Tokyo.

Tom Jenkinson, aka Squarepusher, records for Nothing Records. "Come on My Selector" is from the new CD Big Loada. The video was shot in Osaka and directed by Chris Cunningham.

Katherine Steele is an undergraduate at Haverford College. This year Steele is in Tokyo, her hometown, to study at International Christian University.

Many of Reiner Strasser's Web pieces are collaborations with other artists in Europe, Asia and North America. Strasser lives in Germany.

Wang Ping is editor of New Chinese Poetry, an anthology of contemporary verse, due this spring. A native of Shanghai, Wang graduated from Beijing University, and works at New York University.

Trip Street Press has released a collection of Lewis Warsh's stories, Money under the Table.

Born in Sichuan, Wei Se describes her ancestory as both Tibetan and Chinese. She edits Tibetan Literature.

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