Andrew Levy


Call the inertia off.
You're describing my CD collection.
Who killed the baby at the Palace of Death.
But he liked to wear spats on the beach.
Your sentences are too shorn for sheep.
Christ in a sliderule?
The plastic punched and lonesome in heaven's care.
Tied naked to the bomb smashing a number of me's.
Meticulousness dripping in the rainforest.
A great movie: Her Arrival.
Everything calculated by premonitions chance.
Its tranquil sumptuousity.
The surrounding dereliction in the coils of the ear bordered by ponds.
Obscure surplus of its own efficacy.
Teacher hegemony traditionally totalitarian.
Keep a secret what you eat. Which drinks something
from the fingers. That's how this bacon
has to be sent. This collusion a deification of
"however" immune from reception
within the binary codes of buskerism.
The daylight consensus: the equivocal American way.
The man is a dough-face.
The American army, that treasure of honesty.
The brain reaches a state of complete freedom. An organic
programme of incomprehension bow-legged and
penetrating their marrow. The black hole
in the middle of Iraq, a bond between town and country.
Strong cigars control the public mind.
Being cordial, frank, courteous, temperate, deferential--a very
different matter, certainly, from the way in which
enquiries are generally made. Life and death
restore our covenant with our gogglement
in proportion to style and theory and the "significance"
of their devotion and conviction in
this debate. Harbor so rich no sane karma universe
pictured. Fortuned radar surly art
carried error in object missioned explain don't
think much could trail smoke.

(evening December 16, 1998)

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