Sheila Murphy

Structure asks to be repaired by our experience, and then a rainbow (traced),
fathers some brand

Belief dims with the work until interpretation withholds release of subject
line. This post is white with letters, and the sound of it needs paint.  Does
trance report to beta waves?  Thought opens the familiar face. Old tones
continue so the work is often every haven that we know.  A natural filament
around the statues simplifies materials that will be used to study science
with some kind of world.  We earn selves to come home to.  We hear the very
shadows seep.  A calculation leaves this tentative finagling.  When something
starts to have been simple, every question rises to the top.  How many
predicates deserve to be positioned where the nouns intend?

Terms to work in process of refreshing each of several flowers

Clean places to grow desire or change direction, trace the elocution in a

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