Brian Kim Stefans

Statistical Curve

There is a man of such eye
 whose whistles billow as he works
   blamed by his contumacious friends
       of being a one-man coterie which 
            makes him somewhat coto-critical
                    of that which is not solitary and a bum

           take this as a sign to learn of
       all that demonstrates in grammar and usage
   virginal pink syllables and green sincere verbiage
 one's dance to detonate
a frozen pic

laugh at it
               that which organizes round a thigh
          a hand that languishes brightly in the painter's midst
      ecumenical as a ticket to staple bliss
   in a shoe size one continues slipping into until
 that pizzazz that was coming inside is coming out
there is a ram in the sky

   please ease me when you can but when I die
 I'd much prefer the scene that was certainly of
that which was full of toast and bread and ideas not careers
as a dunk in the river of shadow boxing turnips grants
          to visitors their visitor's pass
        to vacationers their clicks

                 the role of the stony orphan is not to collaborate with the
bird's eye
                  so much as to contain it lordlessly underground
                contend with it in a piece of floating down
         play with it like lightning singled out

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