Volume Six

A Special Edition

Jack Kimball, Editor


Volume Six breaks new ground for The East Village -- and perhaps
points to a new scale for poetry on the Web -- an all-video edition.
The clips included in Volume Six capture segments of the March 21
reading and video shoot held at Deluxe performance space in Tokyo. 
The readers are all Japan-based (though Nada Gordon has since set off
for Brooklyn). Rather than a Japan School, though, the videos here
demonstrate how each reader represents her or his own take on
contemporary verse in English, and, quite counterroutine, each shows
how the mix of influences -- east and west -- can be satisfactorily
played out in idiosyncratic, personal and in some cases, at least,
personable ways.

The East Village has not abandoned its primary venture, publishing
poetry text -- in fact, to better follow many poems featured here, you
can choose the text option in the index of individual readers:
Divizio, Iino, Gordon, Kimball.


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