Beth Anderson

A stately entrance

A store of natural riches formed steps
that would echo in equally rich halls. 
We had dreamed of science, for from the stance
of the uneducated it was easy to do so. 
Because I understand nothing of reason
I am able to support its pedestal. That is a quote
from my own records. Dreaming is another.

Three factors destined to exist in turn
became a series of demolitions. Yet unlike prehistory
this time renders fossils left and right
and preserves them in full view of censure. 
The largest crane has become a subject 
for prolific dabblers and then of rabid prose.
What a system here founders with noteworthy strains

that climb walls and screen doors and lend credence
to legend or at least preconception. Avid to assimilate
but avoid being seen, we correspond with the select few
and wipe the table down. That again is a quote from
somebody's dream, somebody who queries. One
was the native vigor until suspended for impropriety

then another pronoun chimed in to take the fall.
Welding followers, fitting assurance into an inner state,
these acts give credence to the vitality we have heard
some circles generate. The scope held by tradition
from the sidelines can prove that mastery
lacks the weight of something held in common.

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