Michael Franco

from Third Circumference

tied to the past ears unstopped let the sirens sound. idiogramatic
poseidon. bract anchored beneath summer sun (of light mixt rain
across dancewater fate or wheel fortune. turns in which vinegar lies.
spilt message of betrayal. message of modesty. turned quick
evaporation to dry floor of slide or avoid. hallway wayward smell
lingering beginning. first day of school. cracked reservoir of
thought. so then [so Shu] let all the thoughts come in.  For a long
time blind glass filling before sleep to empty here. all those
passages. and yet unbound and this taken seriously. seeming remnant
evocation of random thought runs along such the Lord of not knowing
rests in the plunders of a hand steeling water. somehow the beginning
we made was abandoned and not lost. standard participle fact remaining
in each facet of accumulation self anointed canonical variant of an
arithmetic continually calculated to arrive upon a certainty which
itself speculates. as in the morning the horizon speculates upon such
certainty (achieves Ambiguity (rests reclaims all shadow only to let
go. sole purpose rhyming personally. always the alliteration of light
calling to claim the returning evening thought lies so delicately on
the mantel of each repetition a hand fingering thought marches so.
churns in a wilderness that turns with grace to the unknown.
generation starved on naked hysterical madness lured from revolution
by party drugs. prague spring. carnation revolution. at kent the
instruments rattling. startling to who. fat quarter horse shivering
flies scattering accumulation. quiet turning to no more than wind.
raised on refusal yes comes hard lures itself with reflections of

or in the morning they loaded the cart (two dozen green glazed clay
plates. three water pots made in the old way. a cask (empty. six hams.
two adults and a child. the donkey brought around and harnessed they
set off. usual six kilometer trip. after a long climb they reached a
flat place with a shear edge and the donkey refused. wouldnít budge.
they got off (kicked beat begged finally began all of them to pull.
hard sound of animal breath legs stiff dug in. eyes open white (small
rock gives way carrying cart and donkey side-way reverse-scampering-
motion to quick unrequited plunge end-for-end for end for end to
silence. after sitting for some minutes they turned and made their way
home. years later this became the story of the donkey cart.

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