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The Impending Collision is a collection of poems by Beth Anderson, published by "rem press," Cambridge, England. Anderson grew up in California, received her MFA from Brown University, and works as a lexicographer in Boston where she now lives.

Jim Behrle edits Meanie. He also schedules the Waterstone's reading series in Boston and directs "Roving Poet" segments for WBUR.

Timorous Women, poetry translated from the Spanish of Alicia Borinsky by Cola Franzen, is available from Spectacular Diseases Press.

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf by Laure-Anne Bosselaar has been published by BOA Editions. Bousselaar is co-editor of Night Out: Poems about Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and Bars, and editor of Outsiders: Poems about Rebels, Exiles, and Renegades, both from Milkweed Editions.

Wrackline, a collection of poems by Daniel Bouchard, has just been released by Stituations Press. Bouchard works for MIT Press.

Brad Cain writes from his eighth floor balcony in Cambridge, and works as a researcher in computer networking.

Additional work by Sean Cole is available in Volume Five of The East Village Poetry Web.

New York Literary Lights, On Blue Note and Boston Vermont are recent publications from Bill Corbett. Corbett lives in Boston's South End and teaches at MIT.

More texts and audio of poetry by Cid Corman can be accessed in Volume One and Volume Two. Corman, a native Bostonian who infrequently returns to his hometown, has lived in Kyoto for decades.

Among Robert Creeley's current releases are So There: Poems 1976-1983 and Day Book of a Virtual Poet, a journal of poetry and E-mail correspondence. Life & Death, a book of new poems, is forthcoming.

"For Patrons Only" by Karen Davis "celebrates the public restrooms of America and beyond." Images courtesy of Creiger-Dane Gallery, Boston (

Debra Kang Dean, born and raised in Honolulu, now lives in Lincoln, Massachusetts. BOA Editions has released News of Home, her first full-length poetry collection, and Back to Back, a chapbook, is available from the North Carolina Writers' Network.

Jacques Debrot is a doctoral candidate at Harvard. Recent poetry, artwork and criticism appear in Exquisite Corpse, Arshille, Washington Review, and Proliferation.

Raffael de Grutola is past president of the Haiku Society of America, and founding member of The Boston Haiku Society. He has work published in lift, Noctiluca, Occulist's Eye and Raw Nervz.

Donna de la Perriere studied at Brown for her MFA and currently lives and works in Boston. She has poems forthcoming in American Letters and Commentary, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, and First Intensity.

A frequent visitor to the San Francisco Bay area, Jim Dunn grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and now lives in Boston where he works as an information systems consultant.

How to Live As a Single Natural Being: The Dogmatic Nature of Experience, from Zoland Books, is Michael Franco's newest collection of poems. Franco is director of the Word of Mouth reading series and a member of the editorial board of Agni.

Cola Franzen lives in Cambridge. In addition to her English translations of Alicia Borinsky's verse in Timorous Women, Frazen has poems in Noctiluca and Kalliope.

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts creative writing program, Diane Fraser was previously a fellow in Bucknell University's Semester for Younger Poets. She has poems in ArtsMedia and Convolvulus, as well as a chapbook published by Bucknell.

Originally from Kansas City, Laurel Hughes shows at Nielsen Gallery and lives in Manchester By the Sea. She writes, "I love the chickens! I went with my friend to visit her in-laws in Belgium [who] have chickens...I went for a weekend and, you know - forget socializing! I was back in the woods with these chickens."

Aaron Kiely founded and directs the Boston Alternative Poetry Conference. He splits his time between Boston and the Berkshires.

Jack Kimball travels regularly between Japan and Boston.

Tadashi Kondo is a professor at Seikei University, Japan and presently a visiting scholar at the Harvard-Yenching Institute. Seven haiku by Kondo are featured in Volume Three.

Damon Krukowski is the author of Vexations from Impercipient Lecture Series and 5000 Musical Terms from Burning Deck. He edits Exact Change Books (

Poems by Gerrit Lansing are from Heavenly Tree / Soluble Forest, published by Talisman House. Lansing lives in Gloucester.

Human Rights, a book of poems by Joseph Lease, has been published by Zoland. Lease is an editor for The Boston Book Review and teaches at Tufts University.

Lori Lubeski's books include Dissuasion Crowds the Slow Worker, Attractions cf. Distractions, and Stamina. She also collaborated with artist Jakub Kalousek on Sweet Land and Trickle.

Heather Scott Petersen teaches architecture at the Boston Architectural Center and the Rhode Island School of Design. She is a poet and painter.

Recent publications from Robert Pinsky include The Sounds of Poetry and the forthcoming America's Favortie Poems, which he has coedited with Maggie Dietz.

Additional audio and texts of poetry from Charley Shively are featured in Volume Three of The East Village Poetry Web. Shively teaches at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Joel Sloman was Joel Oppenheimer's first assistant director at the Poetry Project in 1966-1967, and was the first editor of The World. His books are Virgil's Machines from Norton, Stops from Zoland, and next year Zoland will publish his Cuban Journal. He lives in Medford, Massachusetts, and works at MIT.

Raised in South Africa, Paul Stopforth studied at the Royal College of Art, London, and in 1988 was artist-in-residence at Tufts. Since then he has remained in Boston where he is represented by Creiger-Dane Gallery.

A collection of poems, Keep Watching the Sky, and a novel, Gas Station, by Joseph Torra are both available from Zoland. Torra's most recent book, Watteau Sky, from Quale Press, is a collaboration with Ed Barrett and Gian Lombardo.

Represented by Nielsen Gallery (, Boston, John Walker was born in Birmingham, England and now lives in upstate New York and southeastern Massachusetts. He is Professor of Painting at Boston University and has taught at Yale, Columbia, Cooper Union and St. Catherine's College, Oxford.

Ben Watkins writes, "What Ben sees is what you get. Not much else in my history is relevant."

Andrea Werblin is an online writer and editor at Planet Direct.

John Wieners's most recent book, The Journal of John Wieners Is to Be Called 707 Scott Street for Billie Holiday, 1959, was released a little more than two years ago as Sun & Moon Classics, 106. "Egg Nog" is previously unpublished, hand-written on the back of a grocery list.

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