Tadashi Kondo & Raffael de Gruttola

A twelve tone renku 

D1:    in and out of / ice shards / mated wood ducks

K2:       at a tiny dam / sound of warm water

D3:  rottweiler bitch / avoids our intreats / smell of pine needles

K4:       cub scouts in tents / unable to sleep

D5:    ghosts... / the cabbage butterfly / absorbs light

K6:        harvest dance / kicking up dust

K7:    secret code / mixed in the message / of the cybermarket

D8:        Valentine Day heart / on the screen

K9:    wife takes money / I keep pictures / lawyers get drunk

D10:       Impeachment Trial / in its final days

K11:   hands on / the first edition / of the King James Bible

D12:        from white to yellow / narcissus moon

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