Damon Krukowski

Glass, Stained

Theoretically this is no less effectually to be done 
by the "primitive" than by the "realist": two artificial masses,
lighted by a lamp and viewed by a telescope from the outside,
conspire to pull together. Efforts at abstraction
lead to universal application. Meaninglessness? A condition,
imaginary -- a sort of "Mrs. Harris" or "Mrs. Grundy",
who typifies the disciplinary control of the conventional,
the tyrannical pressure of the opinion of neighbors. 
Where it is lost, conscious attempts to restore it 
lead to absurd misplacements; consider humble, humor,
even honor. Or feverish changes: captured by insurgent
peasants; re-taken by the Duke; deprived of privileges;
resolved on a pacific policy and attracting foreign capital;
sharing, to the full, the national desire for expansion.
And at their command, of transparent colors: blue, green,
purple or amethystine, amber, brown, and rose; and 
of opaque colors, white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, 
and orange.