Lori Lubeski


inside the envelope
could be the cash
or a tedious message
intended to reduce you
to a body

in satiation spirits
glow but indeed
an unmarked exit on 
the turnpike has 
led me to you where 
I must confront this 
internal chatter 
you have reminded me of 
parked cars on a 
strip of desert we once 
located horizon
in a telescope
but now must reach even further
into our own exact 
location systems 
and avoid damage
at all costs

display concerns
next to your pillow 
I plead to sleep 
at your house
while the matter 
freezes over 
your lap within minutes
has forgotten
to discuss privacy
nearly darkness evading 
this glow of 
certain priorities
in the body escaped 
no melting water 
or burning sun
on front steps the land 
you call eternal
marked only by 
traces of faint
reaction to lighting 

divided sky
nurtures compression
of skull inside corners 
petty theft
of flag waving 
can't persuade you
to stop thinking about 
the journey you belong to 
wait on tables of 
picnicking citizens 
in the mood for 
a dark story

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