Heather Scott Petersen

The slow burn of history

things and language exist as a task, in so far as, things happen and
this distance observing all possible words (is nothing more than) 
a nomination of simplicity, imposed on something from the invention 
				of the gap. 
dissipated by a new field, all of its density will become an area of 
perpetual difference

from the seventeenth century onward, furnished with a series:
	taste. smell. jack of certainty.
leaves almost sense what we perceive and establish as proof.
acceptable in the eighteenth century,
	a geometrician cannot be a naturalist

color: only what is left 

visibility freed from white areas, at last being screened:
	lines into surfaces then forms
the microscope restricts the direction of doubtful frontiers

to improve one must: attempt
		achieve (by means of other things) 
		a change of scale
a sphere between various kinds of evidence, one's reading.
the indefinite microscope is used to discover how forms arrange the 
while preserving the fundamental problems
posed between things and the human eye.
open history, after all, who said drawing up the end of its past
was a way already imprinted on things
the traces it has left, in order, squared creation in the nineteenth 
				century as true.

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