David Bromige
Olding my breat for 55 lines

gets pysical tink space bpnicol i tink i met only once
wen e came to a reading i gave in toronto 2
at te music building i tink on dover st 3
were victor coleman was ten living 4
tis reading brougt me and fred ill togeter 5
after many years of aving lost track of eac oter 6
fred was annunciated by is live-in love liane eller 7
in waking dream tat our's the present 8
by te time e arrived i was really stoked 9
tanks to judy welan i ave a potograp of us 10
me and fred ill togeter again fred now 6 years dead 11
it was good to ang out again wit victor too 12
bpnicol was bigger tan i ad expected dont know wy 13
e was big & burly & friendly & ail-fellow-well-met 14
i wis e was still alive and becoming 55 15
i wis i ad taken more time to speak wit im but tere was fred 16
if e could come back for a day e wouldnt ave time 17
to speak wit me, but if e could come back for longer 18
if we knew e was back for a mont i would fly to toronto 19
i would ask im for an our of is time two ours 20
i would ceck it out see if it felt rigt i migt ask im 21
"wat is it like being dead?" 22
"wat is it like being alive again?" 23
maybe i would say "did you know you would be immortal?" 24
"isnt it great knowing you're immortal does it make it easier 25
"to go back to being dead knowing tat?" 26
but tis would depend on wat e ad answered in 22 and 23  27
i'm beginning to feel uneasy to ave second tougts 28
no, i dont tink i would ask tose questions 29
first tougt best tougt as not always been true 30
on tird tougts i ave no idea i dont tink e bp 31
is the person to approac wit a conversation list 32
and anyway people seldom can come back aving died 33
oterwise being alive wouldn't ave te meaning it does ave 34
one day in some particular moment e died 35
all the oter moments undreds of tousands e lived 36
noticing tings sometimes sceming to upset teir ierarcies 37
i notice tat leaving out every aitc 38
makes it look like tere's someone in ere doing dialect 39
like a transcription of speec wit somebody 40
not born into the englis speec but ailing from elsewere 41
alf in control of teir accent and diction alf not 42
i don't mean to make fun of anyone wen tey're trying 43
te best tey know ow to make temselves understood 44
it's not any person i'm aving fun wit ere it's a language 45
one bpnicol intervened wit so well and so often 46
wit is st.tis and is st.tat and is st. eve mcaffery 47
no wonder bp is a ero to poets of today and tonigt and mid morning 48
apostropized resourceful genius of the world of poetry 49
okay tat's been carted let's cinwag about someting oter 50
go aead troug ints aruspicating auguries some ting derive 51
so we recall ow birt sticks all necks in te existential guillotine 52
ow it brings the blue green world to us asking for names 53
speak up wic bits are you missing stand fort risk adaptation 54
wat as gone mind sees & supplies or tis would be nonsense e? 55

line 52 is derived from steve evans

note: bpnichol had a thing about the letter 'h' and that is why Billy
Little asked some of us to write a poem for the bpnichol conferene absent

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