Clint Burnham

CHicago.LAnd do you know michaelturner? 

the hand lets go of itself as the gun leaves the bullet wound
whitney's ill bat boxers onna guy mourning the loss eye carlid rabbits
by the freeway gold nails no other buyout artist so disappears into
his lyric police party video to clever multiburials level playing
field with corporate boxes de-asbesto'd prison prophets part-time
entrance don't know what street chicago station's on hoffa sticker
friend of workers race to the bottom of the race read the lips of her
story old salt worked by virgins of either 70s cubs trip w/ex
announcer meant roadhouse's except valley parking lot there converted
jew with a tat right to grow coca ebony tower sidetied runner wasn't a
mask ripped off his face that hadn't occured to me all the time 'k-be
a little bit of the mod MOb in all of us infuhmainment ex brother in
lootenant throwing bagels of femininity for against porkchop water dog
vanishingly small chester the molestor relax god is in charge gaptooth
page sawtooth word close tears negative viewer identity loses the
identity card memory forget soap forgets the hand cranked nigerian
sunday on friday VW fox b or poet coffee guy's like you want a bag
waving a hand over the fano forgets he's a fan doesn't know the name
of the next fan RIA CRACK's a free cellcall gangsign sterling's the
native son of a bitche's brew loftapalooza possessor of the evil eye
may your fact turn white rivered or streetkilled clintec the
undetected detectors diss job is a bribed Rocktoberfest don't be
paranoid about being paranoid everyone gets two sets of parents to
watch each other orange juice me loud mouth lid gangster with
reverse-Tourrettes syndrome fuck the mother(fucker) i care about the
kids I's on Geraldo spring hut hot the kids not without killing my
father keep your kids away from my white tramp bugera log-in back
ho's're behind y'all the way they'd be out of their depth in a drop of
piss if she's on fire strap the kids in it's time to hit a man realer
than me 2B come a real man service service magnet dancers acid spill
jeans survived the fifth grade to be hipstoric you bought her hair gel
and ear tampons what is her debt cookie mon cokie watch
dashula.girl.board wist doowatchyalike hi tek same ol' oi 'getz awlogy
she's done boys done done done it want to be good because I believe
good is good but that's just my opinion along its inner spine,
drop-down trickles recta drizzling images of snakes on strings flying
thru hair gumbo murals stews heads see what they're blockheading foRV
historians damn good thing the clubhouse leader emerging contact lens
markets damn good bad poke

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