Louis Cabri

Slung low, sell high

Giving up the light before it's turned on.
Corruptive agency.

Room pitch to screen.
To get the entirely expected out of each one.

They move the figures onto their ground.
New hope for the found.

Shadows steam.
Features clocked to rhyme.

Home rubs corners with it.
Just another phase for Glad to get this time.

To get it, this time.
Lips assertion, swollen.

Days of cuts.
Has to be going on all the time.

Where stabilized does it reach.
Couldn't harrow marrow fast enough to bear it.

"Not" in the throat.
Perceptibly expanding.

Not/Always here.
Ever going to leave.

Say, did you happen to / say something.

Newspapers read/unread.
Today is the greatest / day of the pie.

Bringing up for questioning.
To suck the big one small & the small one big.

You can!

Great halls o' knowledge.
The imagination curses.

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