Dave Cull

Deja vu

May 4/93      
6 O'clock news

Shadowy figures on a bridge in Sarajevo:
Eastern Orthodox Serbs
and local Muslims

cutting each others throats
from light-artillery positions
hidden in the hills around each village

Two of the sicker world religions
head to head,

mass karmic replay; 'history'
screams between their earlobes
litanies of blood and hatred

'ethnic cleansing'ancient clots of murder and revenge 
inside the ideal stream of human spirit - -

This is not a self-mutating virus attack
(AIDS not spreading fast enough
to balance out the exponential curve of population growth)

Time for one more chorus of
Praise the lord and pass the ammunition

Time to leave the smart thinking
to that Pope on the sidelines,
praying for the souls of gang-raped
Muslim women's aborted children

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