Jeff Derksen
Central [Canada] Party Haus

Localism robs us
of our history. Your shirt
is a living example
of the alienation of labour.
The problem of pronouns
per pound. Ponytail wearers
of the eighties unite
and take over. Over 500 patios
tested, rated and ranked
for a statistical city (patois).
Andy works the Cameron
on Monday nights. The Gap
shows how the forces
of NATO and NAFTA have made
it easy to look good casually.
Is this personism
in a world-class city [only Regina
exempts itself]  or canon reformation
suitable for public transit. Did I
mention the Arts?  The society of the 
soap receptacle. The lush life is ripe.
Martha Stewart's Productivist dream
realized through Zellers.
Gardening is the opiate
of the bourgeoisie! Belated Canadian modernism
awaits you hipsters! Sure it's easy to be critical, but try
 looking good doing it!  Mussolini
wore khakis. George C. Scott as Patton wore
khakis. The lack of a unified address
["Tansy buttons, tansy / for my city..." etc]
makes me a symptom: cognitive mapping
for the culturally cute. Yes, yes
Hockey Hall of Fame. I'm specific, IUm
particular yet accumulate Air Miles
at a pronounced pace: one can only negotiate
these contradictions textually
or risk a president's choice
kneecapping in an ample
parking lot. Sexy! Foxy!
Suburban dog attacks followed
by children falling from balconies.
And it's just like Earle Birney said
to Leon Trotsky: a) "It's been a great
party" b) "Historically,
weUre screwed" c) "After that it was
fashionable / for a time to be internationable."
But now the rain falls straight
and people in other cities
have natural and economic
nervousness reported globally.
Maximus to Hogtown? I think I prefer
the residue of The Rex. "An [citizen]
is a complex of occasions"... compelled
to bigger and better speech
acts of polis and spoil.

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