Billy Little
Crystal Balls, Or The Idea of Practice 
Makes Practice Perfect

[for "you know who" or David McFadden or both]

indulging my weakness for prophecy
                                            can see, for example,
there'll come a time when i disappoint you,
                                 this is simple to see
                                  more mere memory,
hasn't everyone disappointed you?
                                             Speaking personally
i've disappointed everyone I could,
and everyone has disappointed me if they could,
if i disappoint you
right away, we could have that over with
and get right down to the funny business
get down to the refusal of eternity

get down to the calm determined practice

the frenzied practice?

the spontaneous regenerating practice
the heartwarming practice
the cold blooded practice

the practice of the ha ha
harmonious melodious ha has

the syncopated practice

interrupteddisappointing practice

the perpetual amateur and sentimental
practice of love, amateur love

unpracticed unrehearsed practice
poor paid highly ha ha practice
practice of now, pre-petroleum practice

the acknowledged stickum of the planet mama
the resonating rechargeable practice mama
piano practice fortissimo allegro practice
confluent incongruous boogie woogie practice

the inconsolable and consuming practice
the here again gone again practice

practice giraffe  practice gingko tree
practice guffaws, practice spelling bee

practice sister practice brother
practice telepathy
                         hell reincarnation
play Possession Mama
spirit of the self gotten mama practice

mammal practice, four legged practice
sabre toothed practice
sewing practice teeth, rolling practice eyes
hair trigger rapid fire practice finger
jackhammer jalopy practice zippers and snaps

salmon sucking practice

thorough methodical practice

divine practice, imperfectable practice,
pre-season practice

post funny practice, intolerable, longwinded practice

just -can't-quit-this practice
until we're memorized
predictable or prophesied.

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