Karen Mac Cormack

At Issue VIII                                                  

That which is called nothing is found only in time and words.
		-- da Vinci

and making them flourish
you can feel Microspheres
(non-sticky is nonsense on another note)
only one new piece had everything under control
getting there won't swoosh in Episode
off at any moment tapped into
entrance-making double doors available again
think retro not too perfect
dual finish
or in two places at the same time
year-round capability
to give anyone a nervous breakdown
just-swivel portability
take it anywhere
glides on floor to bottom
stands for intuition as mechanics
twice is open
preview intervenes to light it up
for "fashion slang"
spiked overstatement the next commercial
slapdash pilfered
interacting with wander
zones about taste
"wrong end of a trend"
before landing is on hold
then comes easy
decidedly street before substance
a contract having a bad day
they're spinning pulled lines
shorthand for blip
around that's spun looking for linger
or frozen on the phone
outside the soliloquy
a bullet continues
easy to be cynical
seemingly forever
diverging hovers in
winds up flagrante delicto
rasp and basilisk
own imagination
not a walk-on
might wish for more
(who) also commissions
what kind of name?
"in the middle of the Canadian wilderness"
and unavoidable
sense of isolation reacted with
in thrall
to go along with
underneath never stops
across the pinging
walking with a vehicle for statement
philosophy instead of science
disorders in a beverage
ragged too easily
sixties-grown clout
plus is a must
(evolving-esque the gamut)
letters unsent ferment
will out-in-such
mock-up or not
five minutes per capita
control the subject

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