Steve McCaffery


same as books for the blind music
for the deaf bridge always thought
to be an elevator initially collapses but you
ego subject integral identity central conscious
you begin as feel it set against the problem
you always think of as somebody else's body
bodies body's body or bodies either here
where you don't hear where not listening
it begins to be alone alive just in time to stay
waiting same as food for the ones without mouths
same as philosophy
just a moment ago ego move end subject
same as identical amenable reliable same as
magnifying practice signifying praxis integral
horizontal vertical diagonal syllogistic monistic
mnemonic anemic but forgets nothing of the mouth
month countrified begin it all beginnings
beginning to end with the upper palate
its anger on profit its transmission it's locale
the imaginal vaginal time that it left with
Tibet in bed saying that too has a meaning
having said it understands that having seen
a sunset as a single pool of hesitation
anticipated antiseptic Francis of ascesis
the frog jumped from it and meant
at a different time a microscopic eye maybe
looks into the ear of a structuralist elephant kimono
meanwhile meaning while the stethoscope insisting
on the foot of a fly in all of this we are simply
spacing how meaning fades to become unlike the verb
of rubber the adjective stays plastic as utensil
more as than hardly ever that accidental slide
that morning meaning moves to the side
that historically kills Vespasian politically slipping
up in on against what only it of all of you know
can never be knowledge of the kind that
Plato anchored in Plotinus
which is also why some words break rank
same words concatenate insist how logic won't never let go of
the metapraxis body thing about things
never forgot never precise over where it's starving
polyglot polylogue on its mind's own surplus
letting language shit both kissing a child and killing a child
poisoned positions separable insensible man
at a door when it opens up causes laughter to come
to curse laughter to cure laughter cause curse cure

The East Village Poetry Web