David W McFadden

Ichiro was born to torture himself.
Women to him were crueller than men
for every time he struck his wife
she became more lady- or lamb-like:
even after three or four
blows she offered no resistance.
It was cruel of her to exploit Ichiro's
wrath to underscore her superiority.

Ichiro's a tiresome travelling companion:
from a mountain tea-room he looks down
at the forests and ravines
and declares that they are his,
he points at lilacs at the side of the path
and says that they are his as well.
Walking down from the summit he grabs
Mr. H. from behind
and says: "How far does your mind
meet mine and when do they part?"
When the obese and magnanimous
Mr. H. offers a vague reply
Ichiro calls him a hypocrite -
in fact Ichiro detests the entire
world for being less advanced than he.
Mr. H. observes that while many
kill themselves through excessive drinking
Ichiro's way's through excessive thinking.

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