Erin Moure


A train of cold

The sheer endeavour it does exclaim
is not the "end" of "hope"

(But who heard "rope here?)
or circumstance

An inattendant way of looking

whom doubt forfends
attentive to longing & circumstance

not easeful yet

attentive to doubt or circumstance

her claim for
A consequence

weight of

Otherwise, what light was it?
Otherwise it was a far-off home "that told that"
Who "fouled up?  
Who treasured days of "scampish glee?

Whose sobriety wakened?
Who toiled thru?
Whose immense shoulder populated so softly a place for her?
Who cherished the impossibility of place?  Who said sursum corda?
Who did so?  
Who murmured pax vobiscum?  

Whose stylus composed in dread?
For whom the "first scene" did always flutter?
Who recuperates a seed's endeavour?
Whose "speak" does a ventricle entail?
At whose insistence, "punto", was the boat-wire torn?
Who trembled at this crossing?

Who turned back?

Whose conversation at great distance was comical, "hello"?
Whose continents were tectonically cathected?
Who availed her scribe of such cathects?
Who pleased?

Did she turn back?
Did this one uncross the two wands of the foregone?
Was her armistice weak from so much audible stone?

But whose breath caught "just there" on the seam?
Whose collegial honour?
Whose echo of indigenous mirth?

Which one's savagery mended an internal sigh?
Whose was graced?
Whose avenue open to a fold of rain?
Who quaked, for the first time, reaching such
an avenue?
& whose shudder turned back?
Whose horse cherished?

Who sang her moult filament into the pale pulsion of the skin?

Who was judged?
Whose mirth was judged, thinking it "mettle"?
Who "carried it off"?
Whose sleeve brought a protocol?

& whose item abolished?
Who annihilates?  Who cleaves?
Whose finite terminaison was carried out on two spindles,
a virxen to the romeria?
Whose phantasm brought glee?
Whose base offer?
Whose garment, of whose ear?

Whose voice?  Whose claim, belated, sufficed as "joy"?

(Here we talk about a telephone, a simulacrum of her voice, heard at
such a distance.  The word "cuerpo" is a direction or source that
cannot be conveyed by the word we have here, "body".  The "cuerpo" can
receive its benediction or veneration from any person or girl.  "Here"
too far for gesture to contemplate.  The relation of the "cuerpo" to
wet herbs, the two kinds of thyme on the hill where I stood above the
Fuente Grande.  "I"?  (Mirth.)  A simulacrum of narration.  The page
is not an interpretative conjunct but cellulose.  Oblative.  What
gesture "is".  Or jest.)

Why was the seam torn?
In the soft garment of women
In winter, such cold, why was the seam torn?

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