Erin Moure


d  b  r

l  r

h  z  l 

synęsthesia, where "sweetness" the
expression or vesicle of grief

Une perturbation du monde par le corps 

Whose gesture forbade lament?
Whose "came clean"?
Who precipitated?
Which countenance repaired mirth?
Which held a cancer upward in a doorway?

Who cherished.
Whose method bore fruit?
Whose piety betrayed a laugh.
Whose configuration was droll in the afternoon?
Whose vast antelope died from bread?

Who marvelled?
Who "stewed"?
Who was her own "worst enigma"?
Whose feature was an implicit groin?
Whose capability danced & "up & down"?

Does nature conceal the fragment of the skin
felt suddenly before braking?
Does a wheeze medicate for all that is absent?
Does a clavicle inhibit, or permit?
Is the strange cast to the doorway "matter"?
Is there a pentiment of gloom?
Does the horse's bird follicle change his a quarters?

If swank seductiveness incarcerates daylight
in a seam?
A collectivity finally matters or desists
A torn shudder inebriates daylight
The forms,
The punctuated,
The physical tremolo in the vagina,
The comma in the departed tune,
The photograph of Federico cerca la fuente,
The press kit of Annette Funicello, the representative of duende,
the focal point where they "plunged in"

If they did so

A commemoration inhabits
A commemoration to refute the thin match of nostalgia
Por que no puede contestar sus preguntas
A commemoration of salience inhabits this prose

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