Meredith Quartermain


Epistles mist little wrists of gloves or wrist mist epistles
sisters wrist of little letter, little mists of gloves or
sweater, mysteries in writing wrestle gloves epistle rustle
settle sisters little gristle over gloves or under sweater.

Letter over piffle just a petal sisters whistle or a mister
wrists her duster under whisper rusted settle little grists for a
kettle in her fists better metal loves epistle kissed a shuttle
sisters fist just a rustle mist of doves little shoves better
sniffle over piffle.

Little lists over gristle whittle dust shoves epistle ruffled
gusted bits of petal sisters whistle bust a kettle just a kiss
rustled doves little letters wristed gloves wrestled sisters
fisted petal trussed a mister in the settle.

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