Jamie Reid

If in the afternoon nothing is waiting for your attention, you may divert
yourself with odd acquaintances. A beer seems near enough but the bear
which sits in the woods seems very far away. Say a lingering lunch, an
itching hunch, leads you to this sense of complete futility. You might
actually be right in this night. The shape of the president's dick and the
state of the union are found today on the same menu, the very same plate.

Whatever you seriously thought, stop think now. Think seriously nothing can
be serious any more. Except we will be saved from warfare with germs with
warfare by bombs, the continuation of war by other means, targets which the
last round unaccountably missed. Many targets surgically hit by smart
bombs, but how many were the right ones, how many of them killed stupid
people instead of smart facilities? Much of this planned sickness has been
found since. The inspectors must be allowed to complete their mission or
else. Americans know so much more about this than anybody else of course.
So busy with the unilateral salvation of the world, restoring hunger to
Asia and elsewhere through the IMF. They were among the very first to try
all these poisons of course, as many of the bills of lading in Baghdad will
attest. If they can't use them, nobody else can either: it's only just.
This is reflected in the composition of the committees, heavily weighted on
the side of those who speak good English without benefit of ESL. The
unilateral salvation of the world. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do
it. You can find them wherever you find war and destruction, talking peace
in English, driving tanks, wearing big toothy smiles, handing out the
biggest illegal Cuban cigars.

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