Renee Rodin

at the spurn of the century
no longer Jung and easily Freudend
writhing down riddle-aged menofesto
fixed blessings
the hex marks the spot
jumping to inclusions
a pang in the flash
baby it's scold in this coming of rage
film blanc   with the switch of a flick
flail Mary full of grace

at the burn of the century
infirmed by media   newslash
the crimes they are a-changing
global pillage in the link of an eye
our daily lead   egosystems and strife styles
de rigueur mortis   esprit de corpse
international poornography
a poor worker has no tools
demoncracy   an exorcise of power
caveat empty   suits alors

at the churn of the century
hit and myth    truth and dare
a comedy of terrors   all fluxed up
remembering the forgettors
nipping the feud in the blood

the right religious face
hygemony cricket
the father, the sign, and the holy ghost
pumping irony

don't sense me in   don't eschew me out

at the turn of the century
epochalpse now

"Each epoch not only dreams the next, but also, in dreaming, strives
towards the moment of waking."  -- Walter Benjamin

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