George Stanley
The Power of the Unhappy People

The unhappy people have great power.
They invest in the unhappiness of others.

Not generic unhappiness, the kind 
of unhappiness anyone could feel,
but designer unhappiness, the exact
shape of the hole in your heart.

These are dreams without doors.  Let the blonde
demonstrator slip one around your feelings.
As it goes on, it clings like shrink-wrap.

Now the birds can cry in the night, and you
won't hear them. Or your ancestors. Or jazz.
The image of your death will dance for you
with as many veils as you please.

In your fog-coloured room, in your Queen Anne chair,
you may wish you were dead, but be glad of that wish
since it sets you above the common sort
inured to ordinary unhappiness.

And we, the investment community, will grin.
(Though like you, we cannot feel the sun or hear the rain.
Or jazz.) We will grin at the thought of you dreaming.

More & more people must become rich & unhappy,
so the original unhappy people can die rich.

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