LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Franklin Bruno


pick one star that is very close--  
accountability of the photo 
to the edge of the wall

the journalist uses a camera 
or two, one aimed inward
the other filled with sand

the librarian steps up
to lobby for additional forest
behind the edge of the house

coded land pulses 
with the right of continuity
sounds a greater depth

through beds of gravel
hardpan and information
about her timing

by now the twins know
they didn't number their fingers
as I ever could    never have

they set risks atop tasks
to reach unyielding
from star to star

but never asked
where change this drastic
might take them

the numbers have a way 
to count against
the telescope's attention

I would practice uninterrupted
I would bargain to be reflected
five roots follow from our knowing how
a series of tunnels, particles
were beginning to 
tick and separate

we cannot imagine that
the concrete seeks your dance, 
a microfiche, an out-of-town rehearsal

of this here
and now--a complete
set of those earlier fictions

greater productivity 
throughout this carrier sequence
observe it end steadily