LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Martin Nakell


ox flute ax man man
ahchs man ox flute float
man ox wound float
woman flute space air cut
ox ax eat flute breath float
slute space breath flesh time

oaks nerve draw man man
blood spindle twice round
wash clean come tune song
breath loud breath breath
woman woman lean body toward
death fall death pound
ahchs   man ox wound float

bend lift ax woman woman
pulse bind wrap clench
tooth ox blend burst wait
hold take lift life ochs
burst blood ox drip 
dirt sand teeth grit bite
breath burst
beat blade sound slice
hold clench vein spine tingle

cra craw clo drah 
sta breh blow dow
koo trum 
sleet srade draw blow
sum iaum

toke toke 
sloy man man

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