LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Jordan Davis


Across town -- town, with you every day
To ejudicate the boundaries I carry the bones
Out of town -- chuck the junk -- free the slaves --
Up and down again too soon -- free the slaves
From their slaves -- free again in the street
Shadows buoying on the bow rewinding and then
In this each as important as the other system
Nothing isn't singular -- back up coughing and looking

Scrimmage line of cab doors the Airborne Express
Lady with the jheri curl is home. Gruppo Decalogo
On 22nd Street, walks by nodding to Steely Dan
It's more like the soviet or radiation or poor nutrition
As I prop my sweatered elbow on tv. General Delivery.
Dragonfly first thing -- the transmission
Of unknowing isn't God to football and chess --
View of things as opposed coming from a church
On the stone wall by the piled-up slovenly sod
Believe more or less except the track meet quiz show

The only thing today is good that runs where you go
To write your love notes in superlative common
Calling fighting condensing each shorter than the last
The song is a uniform to wear when you slow down and they go by
What can't be done wide and with their hair up
In the crisp blue coat little movies and TVs
Wider than sunset bluer than life the going treelight in a storm shop
On somehow life-giving carpets do you take pleasure in the way people 
     bounce along
Enclosed in linen feel a surprising give

Archival looks and rhyming walks she's carrying herself with her teeth
Sweetness of a clean nursery a building so tagged it's it
Being good meaning paying the bills in battle
And thunderstorms and what for familiar procedure
You do believe in control or no the diagonal school
Negotiating visiting rights with the sun portfolio dangled
To the bottom half of walks flips its racket walking
The half songs dispense with us then someone
Girl looks down so far says hi! And it's over

The way the grass grows let the cane fall
Motherhood and food to the wandering eye
The need for screenplays light from a basement apartment
The cough is catching they thought epics were handbooks
Owner and dog march with soda though theydidn't think of it
If the cab on the cobbles makes a strike did the Ancient Greeks have fun
The whistle of a plane at the earth making up for all the dull stories
In the sunny church darkness the toppling inevitable newsclip
Up to the top of the grass enclosures the dust of the moon on you

Short gloom plashes dote and raid the siren'd pickup
I don't answer to you I look at people at angles
In windows fire drawl the time limit but barely
Closeout meetings below make a protest movie
Block parade kisses upright a fallow melisma shade
The one of us shore questions on the piling mitigation croupier
Lifelike accessories proposed battening sundress mosaic
The cruel moods out of me as well as you wear your pants
That is warmth and divestment told cat-style without regard
For which I make labials strewing the tools, spooking
The sky rake, hatdance carhorn degree, elevated crooks

Yes is a curse to them a skateboard on a guard rail
Crows can't get to, time the university of no
And of duplication shadow on a screendoor, a doorbell
Birdsong nothing distance crows can't get to, time
Is time to blank and repeat that when it's answered
It comes unspooled as soon as the prude does the damage
The beginning of rhyme -- time for a spanking

Man behind me keeps rasping all right then all right them
The wrist shakes as the fuselage of the head car shakes
They twine their flight paths my parents cut out articles
To rattle me, for instance red-head finches I don't need
This one about tenants rights valium only to keep the head
Frugal with chirrups fibrillates the cherry tree-mosquito
Families count, look out is a sewing hand in flight,
A finch is the fall of train river slush organizations

Isn't what's
To get through
Illustrating to you what goes different
On the avenue rises and all the fiancees cheer a student
Settlement -- they had no switch rail shining --
Is doing but they know well take birth control
Use both sides if necessary.) Since his murder in 1995

Argument dogood carbondate Buster Brown
Barefoot and pragmatic
Hungry angry lonely tired some functions of memory
Elapse and coordinate known as playing the changes
The way etymology has taken over me
Searching for bad blocks and not to sacralize
Could be organized hallway cardamom
They read energy crisis for lunch
Actuary pinnacle chute colossus
Firewall residue plain as the rinse
On the rivets crossing the jack

Globular booming gratuitous show-off flirt
They're repelled by arborvitae likewise ficus butterfly goodbye renegade
Speeding arbiters of sunset Trixie
Command the highwind sapphires

Tablecloth flip like a skirt chair partly in shade
To do your job keeps you the matter rests
Escapes  it's not laziness