LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Tom Devaney

More than usual state of motion, with more than usual order

I'm happy kava makes you happy.
Every tape in your house is out of its case
on the cement floor painted gray, under
        piles of shirts off their hangers.
Men with preverbal long legs, or the man
        on the magazine cover with his long legs.
What can history do with the long legs of Lincoln?

Places to go: Joanne Kyger
Places not to live: Clem Coleman
Places: Kelly Cobb

Mark was reading Bass Player Magazine on the F train when two cops
("stand clear") Had him off and against the wall; Legs,
        no. Apart, no.  "Get on the next train;
we thought you were somebody else."
The moment a blur, the magazine, the platform.
He tells me this as we rewrite his terrible resume.

"What was that song? That song.
        You know that song?
I learned that song in first grade."

The clear line of this trumpet.  Lip under,
a line drawing in sound some kind of outline
        filled in --

prefer staying in       trying to live

as if it were morning
                        even though it is morning

At the bar admit we don't go out to bars
        which is not ironic or even worth mentioning except
Something about something that's "mostly a Rembrandt,"
making our peace or taking our piece in a long line of hoaxes, piece
        by piece. Some are, most aren't mostly Rembrandts.

On impact of a head-on collision -- a man
weighing 200 lbs. weighs 8,000 lbs. when traveling 40 miles per hour.

The bar talking I don't say Coleridge said "more than usual state of
        with more than usual order."
Perverted quotes, payolas with the past,
which makes my present payolas look like a jack-pot: jackass. jackass. jackass.

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