LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Betsy Fagin

the theological function of the spirit of the river

a parable of talents, of creased pant legs:

when buying 2000$ in products per month=taking care of self--
jobs, rings, camels, hair jackets.
matching pants and jackets? come on, scented spot removal
skin removal rhinoplasty movements
acquire-ness spirited through streets

bragging knowledge of some thing, unattainable
like on time. scratching 
skin breaking through, growth
eruption, know better than that:
fifty times the fear times fifty times the expectation.

seen before and have lost freedom and contagion
slamming brakes of little train cars
miniature presents, guns hidden high up in trees
able to be fired only by owners, nine tenths of the time.
take orange peels to the grave, pieces of bagel to nurse on.

(dear unborn child, your father isn't speaking to me, sorry.)