LA | NY A Special Edition of The East Village

Pattie McCarthy

(h)rs for Paris use

coffee against another crenellated headache; skulking
against that encumbering annunciated yellow till there's
no corner left.
looking more bemused than terrified
or honored at the prospect
     : through & over the whole set another theme "goes" but is not played.
if it exists, it has never been established.
perhaps all would have been well had she
stuck to bric-a-brac; turned her
talents to knick-knacks. a theory of drapery --
seeing things to scale.
we like to think of marble as variable.
ropes of sand & sea-slime --
     (leading nowhere)
unfledged minions flaunting it.
          didn't I bring precious gifts ?  despite reason,
despite your education in this wise -- aren't you pained to see
the gallery stripped bare ?
               three words, it was said,
would suffice & she delivered herself of six hundred.
a fragment dispersed. you, trees, a lamppost, a bridge,
the river -- so many delightful right angles in view.
plaques on beautiful houses cuing : nothing happy happened here.
in the kay v. key debate, I keep my mouth shut. like with bourgeoisie --
		it's better avoided.

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